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Newborn Preparation Guidelines

For baby

-Bathe baby the morning of your session.

-For local mommas, give baby an extra heavy feeding just before you leave for your session. For travelling mommas, expect to need to feed baby upon arrival. 

-Dress baby in easy to remove clothing (nothing that must be pulled over the head)

-Try to keep baby awake as much as possible in the 3 hours leading up to your session.

-Bring lots of diapers, wipes, extra clothes for your baby and a pacifier (if you choose to use one).

-If bottle feeding, bring lots for baby to drink.

-Bring any item/props that you'd like to see incorporated into the session.

For yourself

-Getting your picture done? I suggest that you wear a neutral attire; such as

white/black/grey/navy or any other neutral colours.

-Dress yourself in layers and bring a change of clothes just in case. The space will be warm to keep baby comfortable.

-Bring a spare shirt for yourself and your partner (Yes it can be a comfy one!)

-Bring snacks for yourself. 

-Leave your worries at home. While I'm capturing precious photos of your little one, browse your phone, read a book, relax.

Portraits with siblings

-As mentioned above for parents portraits, I suggest that your older children be wearing neutral color.

-No need to worry about what to wear for shoes because I like them barefoot.

I always do the sibling/family poses right away because we all know that toddlers do not like to wait long. Bring little snacks for them. Since 3 hours is a long time for children, once I get the siblings/Family poses done, an adult can then take the children out for a drive for instance to entertain them. There are multiple parcs around as well as the beautiful Vedder rotary trail which is walking distance from the studio. I also have a TV with Netflix to entertain them.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about your session!

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