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About me

I'm Manuelle, a proud British Columbian with roots in Quebec. My journey to this beautiful province began in 2007, drawn by a work opportunity. Over the past decade, I've crisscrossed Canada, but my heart found its home in the Fraser Valley. Raising my three children in this wonderful region has been a source of pride and gratitude.

My professional background lies in Architecture, where I honed my skills with various software, including Photoshop. In 2009, after the arrival of my first child, I made a life-changing decision. Fueled by a desire to be more present for my family, I left my role as an architect technician. This pivotal moment led me to delve into photography, a passion that ignited when I purchased my first DSLR camera. In the quiet hours of the night, I embarked on photography lessons, driven by the determination to capture every precious step of my child's development.

Manuelle Belisle_edited.jpg

In 2012, I embarked on a new journey as a flight attendant, allowing me to explore incredible destinations worldwide. This flexible schedule granted me valuable family time and the chance to refine my photography skills. Prioritizing safety, I underwent routine first aid and CPR training—an invaluable foundation for handling newborns, a practice I strongly recommend to all parents.
As the world faced the challenges of Covid in March 2020, I made a leap of faith, dedicating myself fully to my passion—Newborn Photography. Witnessing the rapid changes in babies during their first year, I became captivated by the art of documenting these precious moments. Specializing in newborn and baby photography, I've committed to ongoing education, learning from international industry leaders. Safety and mastery of techniques remain my steadfast priorities, reflected in countless hours of training devoted to perfecting my craft.

The studio

Studio Interior 4.jpg

Conveniently nestled in the picturesque Webster area, just a short drive from the Cultus Lake exit (104 Hwy 1), my studio offers an easily accessible retreat for clients from the lower mainland, including Vancouver and its surroundings.
Designed with a keen eye for creativity, my studio is a carefully curated space that mirrors the warmth and coziness of an extension of your home. Situated in this welcoming environment, it grants me the flexibility to set up multiple scenes before your arrival, ensuring a seamless transition from one captivating backdrop to another for your baby. Prioritizing the utmost comfort of your little one, my studio is thoughtfully arranged to minimize disruptions and make the experience as gentle and enjoyable as possible.
My photography style is a blend of modern, sophisticated, and contemporary aesthetics, placing a strong emphasis on the interplay of light, textures, and shadows. This unique approach ensures that each image captured in the studio reflects a timeless elegance, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime

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