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I'm Manuelle,  

Originally from Quebec, I first travelled to the beautiful British Columbia back in 2007 to pursue a work opportunity. Since then, I moved back and forth across Canada a few times and spent more than 10 years on the west coast. I can say with confidence that my heart now happily belongs to BC! I'm very proud and thankful for having the chance to raise my 3 children in this wonderful region, the Fraser Valley. 

I studied Architecture and worked in this field where I learned to use many different software including Photoshop. In 2009, after having my first baby, I decided to quit my job as an architect technician to spend more time at home. I wanted to capture every step of his development and that’s when I decided to purchase my very first DSLR camera to participate in photography lessons at night.

About the Studio

Conveniently located in the beautiful Webster area, only a few minutes’ drive from the Cultus Lake exit (104 hwy 1). This makes for an easy drive from the lower mainland, and I have clients who come from all over Vancouver and surrounding suburbs.

My studio allows more latitude for my creativeness and is specially curated to feel like a warm & cozy extension of your home. Most importantly it will allow for multiple sets to be in place before you arrive so baby can be gently moved from set up to set up with little fuss. The baby's comfort is always my first priority. My style is modern, sophisticated and contemporary with an emphasis on light, textures and shadows.

In 2012, I started working as a flight attendant where I traveled the world to some of the most amazing destinations. Having a somewhat flexible schedule, this gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my family while perfecting my photography skills. Safety is a top priority in the industry, and I routinely did my first aid and CPR training since then. Those courses are essential when handling newborn babies regularly and I strongly recommend them to all parents. With the Covid hitting in March 2020, I decided to make the jump full time and dedicated all my energy to my passion, my Newborn Photography business.

Babies change more in the first year than any other time of their life! I am passionate about documenting these precious moments and therefore decided to specialize in newborn and baby photography. Education is key in this niche field, and I learned (and keep learning) from the bests international photographers in the industry. Safety and proper techniques are my top priorities, and I have gone through countless hours of training to perfect my art. 

About Me

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