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Pricing Guide

Our packages are straightforward, there are no hidden cost or session fee. You get to choose your favorite pictures from a private online gallery, no pressure to buy additional products on the spot, no stress. Can’t decide which pictures you prefer the most? You have the option to purchase a few more or the entire gallery at any time from your computer or smartphone.

While we understand some families are budget conscious and are looking for something simple, we don’t offer Mini Sessions. Those type of packages are typically limited to an hour or less in studio and we want to avoid limiting the session in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the entire family .

Our customers can choose their preferred color scheme, props and outfits that match the desired styling they want to achieve. Every step of the way, we are ensuring our customers have a wonderful experience in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Pricing Guide

All packages are subject to $100 non-refundable deposit due upon booking.

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